Re-Opening of our Church


It is with great joy that we re-open our churches this Monday, 29th June. This is a lovely time for our parish communities all over the country. Our Parish Team has been very busy with preparations for the past few weeks ensuring that our Church is ready with all requirements as defined by our Diocese. As we have witnessed over the weeks, the norms and guidelines change as we move from one phase to another. The Parish Team has followed all expectations, so we are prepared as well as we can be for re-opening. When we are back together with restricted numbers, for now only 50, we will listen to any query, concern or clarification you may want answered. Do not hesitate to contact us.

We begin reopening this Monday with daily masses (Mon- Sat) at 9.00am and 7.00pm. The Church will be opened in the morning at 8.30am only. The Rosary will be prayed before masses from now onwards at 8.40am and 6.40pm. Our Church will remain open all day and if you visit for devotions or for private prayer, please observe social distancing and sanitising of hands. You may wish to carry sanitising gel with you, a mask and gloves. Please observe all guidelines. The only time there will be a 10.00am mass is when there is a funeral which will be for family and relatives only.

We are having an extra evening Vigil mass on Saturday evening: 5.30pm along with mass at 7.00pm. Our Sunday morning masses will be at 9.30am: 11.00am and 12.30pm. We are required to have stewards at all masses to ensure guidelines are being followed and to monitor numbers. If you come to our church for mass and are unable to attend because of numbers, you may follow mass in your car and you will be able to receive Holy Communion at one of the side doors.

All necessary guidelines will be communicated at masses as you return to our Church. Thank you all for your support, prayers and good wishes for our Parish Team and for the great kindness of your hearts for one another. When we return to our Church we will do what we can to build on what we do best in St. Agnes – to deepen a spirit of caring, prayerfulness, community and compassionate outreach. Our Parish Team will listen to you for suggestions and ideas as we regather and seek strength and inspiration from Christ in the Eucharist

Our return is tinged with a sadness because I’m very conscious of all in our parish who had bereavements since the 13th March – some who died from covid-19 – and who were unable to have the funerals they desired. We remember all who died and their families at this time and hopefully we will be able to celebrate memorial masses for them in the near future.
WELCOME BACK to our lovely Church this Monday, 29th and the following weekend, a place where we find the love of God in Christ and in one another. God bless you all.

 Fr. Tony (