Since January 2020 until 9th January, 2021, a total amount of 5,600 euro has been given to various charities: Br. Kevin’s Day Care Centre: ALONE: Alice Leahy TRUST: Order of Malta: NCBI: Simon Community: ARC: World Mission Ireland. Thanks sincerely to Parishioners who make donations to the Poor Box in the Church. The charities have acknowledged the receipt of donations and they can be found on the notice boards in the Church porches. The organisers of these charities are very appreciative of our donations and use them to fund their outreach work, mostly to homeless men, women and families, those who live alone, those in need of any kind, those in great financial difficulty and, as in the case of the Order of Malta, to assist elderly to the Church and hospital visits. The Order of Malta also provides medical personnel support when required at Church and Parish events. All donations given are lodged to our Charity Account and is subject to an annual audit by the Finance Department at Archbishop’s House. All the charities supported are very deserving of our donations and again, my sincere thanks for your generosity at all times. The poorbox is on the wall to the left as you enter the Church.

Fr. Tony.