When this is over – Nicole Ward

Poem from Lauren Hynes – Time

Covid19 Tech

Covid19 Tech is a  group of I.T professionals who have come together from  across Ireland to volunteer and offer free tech support to Irish seniors in our communities so they can stay connected with their loved ones and required services during the Covid19 crisis.   More information visit: or

Young adults Faith experience during the Pandemic

The Leadership Team for the Foundational Leadership Programme(FLP) invite young adults and youth leaders to take a four minute survey on their Faith Experience during the Covid 19 Pandemic.  Take the Survey  


The Messenger Sacred Heart Novena is one of our most popular publications each year. It is held for the nine days leading up to the Feast of the Sacred Heart, which is always celebrated nineteen days after Pentecost. Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is considered a symbol of "God's boundless and passionate love for humanity". Many have found comfort and solace praying the Novena, and this year we have particular reason as a community, a nation and a global people to find strength, patience and reassurance in God’s love for us.

As a way of encouraging and supporting our readers and promoters, we have made the 2020 Novena available to download from our website FREE OF CHARGE. 

Simply click here  to visit the page and either view the booklet on your computer or print it off to use during each day of the Novena.
NOTE: The Novena is also available as a pull-out supplement in the June Messenger. 

The contents of each and every Trócaire box, no matter how small, come together to make a significant difference. This virus knows no borders, but neither does our compassion. Your kind donations can be returned to St Agnes Church on Sundays between 12 noon and 2pm. Thank you.

Two more creative pieces from students at Rosary College

Lovely poem from Crea meehan age 12. 06/05/2020

Beautiful piece of art from Adlius Albe in Junior Infants 06/05/2020

Invite to children to write a poem, prayer or short story or draw a picture about the Corona virus 27/04/2020